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Wisconsin Bucky Badgerby Travis Normand
October 4, 2019

I do not normally generate or remark on the “Xs & Os” of the video game however, that is just due to the fact it is not my specialty (it is not simply because I really don’t obtain it exciting).

In other terms, even though I certainly enjoy in-video game approach, formations, and plays there are other fellas who are significantly greater at speaking about, creating about, and dissecting the finer factors of the “Xs & Os.”

Getting stated that, there arrives a time when I can’t support myself. After all, we all know a thing of magnificence when we see it, and Wisconsin’s “14-Hippo” or “Hippo” development was just that … a matter of magnificence.

On September 21, Wisconsin unveiled this new development from Michigan, and it labored to perfection. Actually, everything worked effectively for Wisconsin that day as they defeated the No. 19 Wolverines 35-14.

So, if you like “heavy” operate packages, I would encourage you to look at out what Wisconsin is doing with their Hippo development. The formation incorporates seven (7) offensive lineman, two (2) tight-ends, a quarterback, and a jogging back (11 overall gamers) and it really compliments the functioning match that is lead by Jonathan Taylor (RB). Taylor ran for 203 yards from Michigan, his optimum of the season so far.

The development has been included at numerous websites that you can find right here (Usa These days), here (, below (Bucky’, and listed here (247Sporting I located the article at particularly attention-grabbing, as it was titled “In the spread offense period, can Wisconsin rush its way to the playoff?

In any function, if you take pleasure in old-style electric power football where by a staff basically lines up and runs the ball down the other team’s throat, I would really propose that you start out watching more of Wisconsin’s game titles this 12 months.

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