Mercury becomes the official Content Partner of Kansas State NIL Collective “Wildcat NIL”


Mercury, a leading sports media production company specializing in branded content, announces its partnership with Wildcat NIL, a Kansas State University collective, to produce their latest show, "Cats Talk" podcast.

With the aim of expanding its audience and showcasing key figures in Kansas State Athletics, Wildcat NIL has enlisted Mercury as their full-scale production team to drive the podcast's creation.

Mercury's expertise lies in crafting highly customizable content for brands, NIL collectives and schools. Their commitment ensures that messages resonate with a wide online audience, capturing attention and engagement effectively.

The collaboration kicked off with Mercury's team traveling to Manhattan, KS, to shoot the inaugural three episodes of "Cats Talk." The first episode, which premiered on Feb 15th, featured star Quarterback Avery Johnson, providing listeners with exclusive insights into his journey, experiences and expectations for the upcoming season.

Following the successful launch, the upcoming episodes will showcase Basketball Guard Cam Carter and Head Basketball Coach Jerome Tang, offering audiences unprecedented access to the personalities shaping Kansas State Athletics.

"We're thrilled to partner with Wildcat NIL on this exciting project," said Adam Breneman, Head of Content at Mercury. "Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality content that captivates audiences, and 'Cats Talk' is the perfect platform to showcase the talent and stories within Kansas State Athletics."

"We couldn't be more pleased with our partnership with Mercury for the production of 'Cats Talk'. They’ve taken the guesswork out of it all and in a short time, created a product that will allow us to get the word out about our programs like never before. We're excited to continue collaborating with them to bring the stories of Kansas State Athletics to life."

Stay tuned for future episodes of "Cats Talk", where listeners can expect more compelling interviews and behind-the-scenes moments with Kansas State's finest.

For more information, visit Mercury Website or follow Mercury on social media.

About Mercury:

Mercury, the college sports company, is an athlete-driven media company that partners with elite collegiate brands to provide NIL and brand-building opportunities for their athletes, and unparalleled access, events and content to their fans.

About Wildcat NIL:

Wildcat NIL is the official NIL collective at Kansas State University dedicated to empowering student-athletes to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, Wildcat NIL aims to support athletes in maximizing their earning potential while navigating the evolving landscape of college athletics.